Upholstery Dubai

Best Upholstery Dubai, UAE

Upholstery Dubai – Cost-effective Solution Rather than Buying a New Sofa 

We offer comprehensive commercial or residential upholstery, recovering, and repair services for every type of furniture. 

Introduction to Best Upholstery Dubai 

Buying new furniture can’t be the perfect solution for all time.  So, You can start again from scratch-redefining your needs, reevaluating the furniture, and reconsidering other options. If you just think it all right, you can keep it still. With that logic, Furniture Doctor offers the finest quality Upholstery Dubai services that would definitely help to make your furniture perfect and stunning.

We offer professional upholstery works in Dubai as well as sofa cleaning, repairing, making, and commercial and residential sofa upholstery. All of our craftsmen with over 7 years of experience are fully trained upholsters. With many years of Dubai sofa upholstery experience, we can provide commercial and residential customers with full sofa upholstery services for custom furniture.

Commercial Sofa Upholstery 

To carry out upholstery services for all types of commercial customers, we are a trustworthy and reliable option. We’re proud to be the preferred commercial sofa upholstery provider for many hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, offices, hospitals, and virtually every other type of business you could think of!

Due to this reason, we offer a range of finely tuned services of furniture upholstery Dubai especially for commercial upholstery and leather upholstery Dubai home that can be tailored to suit your project. 

Residential Sofa upholstery 

Furniture Doctor offers complete sofa upholstery foam Dubai & upholstery repair Dubai Services across the UAE. We are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of customized upholstery for all forms of upholstery to our residential customers. So whether you need furniture upholstery in Dubai work for your home or upholstery fabric Dubai, we are a one-stop-shop to meet your demands and requirements. 

Why choose us? 

Here at Furniture Doctor, what we do: 

  1. All our work is absolutely assured and carried out according to the highest standards.
  2. Providing skilled repair and high-quality facilities for upholstery.
  3. Our goal is to solve most issues on a first-time visit.
  4. Complimentary home visit and pickup and delivery of furniture
  5. All our appointments are made within 24 hours of obtaining the specifics of the work.
  6. We are skilled, polite, and helpful. Our mission is to provide outstanding and quick customer support.
  7. We resolve your problems with a cost-effective solution.
  8. We have a wide range of fabrics available for upholstery.

We at Furniture Doctor offer you fabric sofa upholstery Dubai for a modern look. Call us now or send us a mail for such a job – done in a successful way.


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